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I Freaked, You Freaked, And All The Famous People Freaked When That Couple Got Engaged At The Emmys

I give this moment a HOLY SHIT!!!!


The proposer was Glenn Weiss, who won for directing The Oscars (lol he won an award for directing a different award show).

And the proposee was this woman, Taylor Swift. JK she's not Taylor Swift, but she did do a very good impression of Taylor Swift winning at award shows.

ANYWAY. Like our proposee who seemed genuinely shooketh that she was getting engaged on stage at the Emmys, I was also totally rattletrapped!!! And so were a lot of celebrities. I assume the famous people were even more shocked than the average human because this is the first time they've ever witnessed true and lasting love in their industry. But I digress!

Leslie Jones was taken aback:

Benedict Cumberbatch was overjoyed:

Claire Foy was verklempt.

Mandy Patinkin was a guiding light:

Betty Gilpin from Glow was all choked up:

Sterling K. Brown was stunned:

This woman was flabbergasted:

This guy was barely holdin' on to his beer:

Javier Bardem was jubilant:

The Lannister bros were thrilled:

Jimmy Kimmel and his wife Molly McNearney were delighted:

George RR Martin was... there:

And this woman made sure to record the moment even though it was already being filmed for the entire world to see: