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I Cannot Wrap My Lazy-As-Heck Head Around Mark Wahlberg's Daily Schedule

Turns out I'm nothing like Mark Wahlberg!

Hello fronds. I don't even know how to set this one up, so just gonna get right into it.

Mark Wahlberg AKA Marky Mark AKA one of the founders of the burger place Wahlburgers, has an insane daily schedule that I really can't even comprehend!!!!!!

He posted it on Instagram, and here it is:

Ok, now let's break it down because I truly am floored!!

The schedule starts off with what is also perhaps the most mind-boggling thing here. HE WAKES UP AT TWO-THIRTY IN THE MORNING. start his day, he rises in the middle of the night.

Then he prays and then eats breakfast at 3:15AM. A morning meal and the sun isn't even up!!!

For the next 1.35 hours he works out. I'm still sleeping btw, duh.

After his first shower of the day, he goes to play golf.

BY THE WAY, the 8AM snack is while he is golfing, which had to be clarified after.

After he's done golfing and has already been up for seven hours, I'm snoozing my alarm for the 8th time while Mark goes to cryotherapy. It's that thing where you freeze your ass off for a few minutes and it helps your body or something. IDK, I can't afford it. Anyway, after that he has another snack.

His afternoon is fairly normal. Work meetings, lunch, more work meetings, kid stuff and another snack.

At 4PM while he has his second workout of the day, I am in the process of canceling the workout class I had booked for after work because I'm feeling tired and just wanna go home and look at my phone. Then he has his second shower of the day, cause he's a clean boy.

At 5:30 Mark enjoys the early bird special. Perhaps a prix fixe?

And then at 7:30PM he goes to bed. While this seems early, it actually is my ideal bedtime as well, so I agree with this scheduling!!!

And then, I guess, after exactly seven hours of sleep (for him) starts again.

So yeah, that's Mark Wahlberg's daily schedule. I can't relate!

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