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    Posted on Feb 27, 2013

    How It Feels To Be Terrified Of Flying

    If we were supposed to fly in the air, wouldn't we JUST HAVE WINGS?!

    When people tell you they love flying, you're like...

    And all you can ever think is, "What jerk decided to put a vehicle with no parachute, full of people, 30,000 feet above the ground?!"

    And whenever anyone says this to you:

    You're like...

    You are always looking for alternative modes of transportation...

    And if your friends want to go somewhere, you suggest a...

    Before you board a plane you ask yourself, "Is my pilot as good as Sully?"

    Captain "Sully" is the pilot who landed the plane in the Hudson River.

    As soon as you get on, you want to do this:

    This is how it feels when you are about to take off...

    This is how it feels WHILE you are taking off:

    And this is how it feels every moment until you land:

    You've had this dream:

    This is what you look like in your seat:

    If there's turbulence, you're like:

    Or worse — a quick and sudden drop, it's like...

    And then whoever you are flying with is like...

    You'd prefer to be shot with a horse tranquilizer before the flight...

    But if that can't happen, these are your best friends:

    Also these:

    And all these:

    You feel like you're not safe until you land...

    And when you FINALLY do, you vow to never leave the beautiful, wonderful, lovely ground again.

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