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    How To Proceed In A Post-Kristen-Stewart-Saying-She-Is-Sooo-Gay World

    A brief semi-tutorial.

    So, it happened to you. You, who I'm guessing is a queer woman heavily invested in the personal life of Kristen Stewart, were sitting on your couch watching SNL when your life changed.

    It changed because in a matter of seconds Kristen Stewart went from not SoOOoOoOO gay, dude, to SoOOoOOOoOO GAY, DUDE.

    I mean, if you are (as I suspected from the start) a queer woman heavily invested in the personal life of Kristen Stewart, then I mean, you knew.

    Trickyd / TrickyD/Osvaldo/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES

    You really knew, cause she like, kinda talked about it.

    Bruce / Bruce/Javiles/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES

    So, this wasn't exactly a *surprise*.

    And yet, hearing those five words come out of her mouth on the SNL stage shook you to your core.

    And now, we are living in a post-Kristen-Stewart-saying-she-is-sooo-gay world. So how shall we proceed? Well. I'll tell you.


    Kristen Stewart on SNL: "I'm so gay dude" Me:

    Try to remember that you're cool, everything is cool and that feeling in your stomach is actually just intense joy.

    Kristen Stewart: I'm like so gay, dude! My entire tl:

    But also - don't forget to remind everyone around you at all times that THIS IS FUCKING AMAZING.

    I imagine Patriots fans felt almost as happy as I did on Saturday night when #kristenstewart said she was "so gay" on SNL


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    Let it sink it. Revel in it.

    Nicholas Hunt

    Also, text all your friends and family! This is momentous!

    Additionally, we now have been blessed with quite literally the perfect gif for any occasion.

    Someone emailing you too much? Send them this gif. Who even cares if it applies or not!

    Grandma asking too many questions about your love life at Christmas dinner? Show her this image:

    Want to say literally anything at any time to express yourself? JUST POST THIS EVERYWHERE AND ANYWHERE.

    Print it out! Hang it on your wall! Do whatever!

    Also, feel free to use the words of Kristen Stewart on SNL to get you through hard times.

    when i find myself in times of trouble kristen stewart comes to me, speaking words of wisdom: "i'm like so gay, dude"

    And possibly to bring back custom ringtones. Those were fun.

    I want Kristen Stewart saying "I'm so gay dude" on a loop as my new ringtone

    Basically: she's soo gay, dude. I'm sooo gay, dude! We are allllll so gay, dude! (I mean, not all of us, but whatever.)

    Rich Polk

    The bottom line is: Kristen Stewart may have just saved 2017.

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