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How To Pose Like A Hot Guy With A Cute Dog

Step 1. Be these guys. Step 2. Be their dogs.

Sit up straight

Ryan Gosling

Wear a white t-shirt

George Clooney

Match your dog's accessories

Zac Efron

Be rugged

Brad Pitt

Or sensitive

Orlando Bloom

Relax on the couch

Paul Walker

Stare off into the distance

James Franco

Or point right at the camera

Leonardo DiCaprio

Hang by the water

Channing Tatum

Or by the dunes

Dave Annable

Be mysterious

Hold your little guy like a slice of watermelon


Adrian Brody

Or just squeeze them close


Jason Lewis

Act surprised


Zach Braff

Be sexy


Will Arnett

Make vans less creepy


Jon Hamm

Wear stripes


Johnny Depp

Or plaid


Johnny Depp

Werk the camera

Nick Jonas

Grab some friends


Jonah Hill, Seth Rogan, Jason Segel, Paul Rudd

Don't look too happy!

Josh Hutcherson

Much better

Josh Hutcherson

Look each other in the eye


Ryan Reynolds

Give your dog a nice scratch


Adam Levine

Whatever you do, do not do this:

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