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    How To Make The Perfect Celebrity Perfume Ad

    Seems like every celebrity has their own perfume these days, and so can you! Just follow this simple guide on how to pose for the perfect fragrance advertisement.

    1. Show some shoulder

    2. Let your hair blow in the wind

    3. Just lay down and relax a bit

    4. Flowers: USE 'EM

    5. Or how about a fun prop?

    Like a megaphone

    Or a bird

    Or a circle swing

    6. Touch your face

    7. Be something out of this world

    Like a mermaid

    Or a colorful Leopard

    Or a fairy!

    8. Go nude

    9. But if you have to wear clothes, make sure they are dramatic

    10. Don't forget to look moody

    11. If all else fails, do purple.

    12. Most of all, remember to show off the fragrance


    Much better.

    And there you have it, simple!

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