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How Carrie Bradshaw Are You?

You know you are TOTALLY a Carrie. Right????

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    Bought shoes
    Bought a bag
    Bought food
    ...specifically, a croissant
    Used a computer
    Thought your computer could see you
    Worn heels
    Accidentally "fell into Dior" and bought thousands of dollars worth of stuff
    Dyed your hair a different color than your natural hair
    Had a boyfriend/girlfriend
    Been broken up with on a post it
    Smoked a doobie (that means pot)
    Smoked a doobie literally in front of a policeman
    Gotten arrested after smoking that doobie
    Thought you were being cool when you said "doobie"
    Lived in an apartment in New York City
    Had many people wonder how you afforded your apartment
    Felt that clothes were more important than food
    Kissed someone
    Had sex with someone
    Called your significant other by their last name throughout your entire relationship
    Been to the Hamptons
    Cheated on your significant other
    Made a pun
    Made two puns in one sentence
    Made three puns in under five minutes
    Built a career on your puns
    Bought magazines, like Vogue, instead of eating food to sustain your life
    Realized that your hair has gotten progressivly less curly over the last several years of your life
    Gone to brunch with friends
    Gone to brunch with friends and made sexual inuendos the whole time
    Smoked a cigarette
    Run into your ex...
    ...that you cheated on...
    ...WITH HIS NEW BABY!!!...
    Complained about your friends...
    ...but loved them anyway because they are your besties for life
    Taken bad advice
    Given bad advice
    Had a cocktail
    Seriously and totally non-ironically said that your favorite cocktail is a Cosmopolitan
    Drank vodka
    Referred to vodka as "more nothing please"
    Worn a tutu in public
    Worn other clothes in public that you probably shouldn't have
    Been mistakenly identified as stylish for a large portion of your life that you actually probably weren't
    Written a book
    Written TWO books!
    Sent an email
    Forgotten your email password
    Slept with somebody that you met in the therapist's office
    Slept with somebody that ejaculates prematurely
    Slept with somebody that is Russian
    Slept with someone in Carrie Fisher's apartment, on Carrie Fisher's bed (and that someone isn't Carrie Fisher)
    Slept with somebody that was an outpatient at a mental health facility
    Slept with a jealous writer
    Slept with someone who is married
    Slept with a guy named Aiden
    Questioned everything
    Pondered life
    Had a casual conversation about vibrators in a diner
    Said "you have to forgive me..."
    ..."you have to forgive me..."
    ..."you have to forgive me!..."
    Compared safe men to argyle socks
    Made a scene in a restaurant
    Made a scene at a nightclub
    Caused two grown men to mud wrestle over you
    Changed the subject to be about you every time your friend called on the phone complaining about their life
    Kept your bra on while having sex
    Worn granny panties
    Had a bigger closet than most apartments
    Never repeated an outfit in your life
    Been totally unsure about love, life, and soulmates
    Married yourself
    Sent out invitations to your self-wedding to get shoes
    Proved a point with your self-wedding
    Laughed at your friend who just pooped her pants...
    ...and made a pun while laughing...
    ...all mere days after getting left at the altar.
    Worn your hair in a bun
    Worn your hair in a ponytail
    Worn your hair in a braid
    Worn your hair every which way
    Managed to look good in clothes that from the outside appear you found them in the dumpster
    Sworn on Chanel
    Moved to Paris
    Hated Paris
    Were rescued from Paris by a guy you've been seeing off/on for 10 years
    Owned more shoes than days in the year
    Spent your whole paycheck on a Prada bag
    Worn a hat
    Worn an ugly hat
    Lost your boyfriend's dog while you went to meet up with a guy you cheated on him with
    Worn a tube top
    Taken the subway in your pajamas
    Gotten super high off that one hit from the doobie you smoked that we were talking about earlier

How Carrie Bradshaw Are You?

Ehhh, you're more of a Miranda!

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