How Bo Obama Spent His Birthday

The DOTUS (Dog of The United States) turned 4 yesterday! Let’s see how he celebrated.

1. Yesterday was a normal day. I woke up, got my haircut, and ate some breakfast.

2. I got to go outside! (I needed to pee!)

3. Dad and I even went to the supermarket, to pick up some eggs.

4. Then, there was a big announcement. So I waited patiently to hear the news.

5. Turns out, the announcement was that it’s my birthday!!

6. Dad came home and wished me a happy birthday.

Martin H. Simon-Pool / Getty Images

7. Then we played outside while mom got the party ready!

8. Then the press wanted to talk to me. They were all saying, “Bo, Bo, how does it feel to be 4!?”

9. And I said, the same, still just want bacon!

10. Then mom said, “Okay! Party time!”

11. And dad said, “Hang on there buddy, the treats will still be there in a minute.”

12. But then the party started!

13. And I got to play again.

14. Even had some friends come by to kick around a soccer ball.

15. It was the best birthday. Did I already say I love bacon?

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