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    Holy Heckin' Heck, Domnhall Gleeson Is Mad Eye Moody's Son In Real Life

    How did I not know this.

    Good day ladies and germs. I come to you here and now because I recently learned something that rocked me like a forkin' hurricane! I was talking with an acquaintance of mine when out of nowhere a piece of information slipped out of their mouth, and into my brain. Let me explain.

    Ok, so ya know Domnhall Gleeson? Pronounced Donald Duck without the second "D" or "Duck." Sooo...Donal. It's pronounced Donal.

    Rob Kim / Getty Images

    He's been in a buncha movies (hi Star Wars and Ex Machina), but perhaps you recognize him as Bill Weasley, from Harry Potter.

    Warner Bros.

    And then there's this guy, Brendan Gleeson.

    Stuart C. Wilson / Getty Images

    He played Mad Eye Moody in Harry Potter.

    Warner Bros.

    This is the part I start to freak out about! I'm not sure if you realized but these two dudes have the same last name. Gleeson. And it's not just coincidence. It is because they are related. And I'm not talking distant cousins. THEY ARE FATHER AND SON.

    Yes, Domnhall Gleeson is Brendan Gleeson's son.

    Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

    And they were both in Harry Potter.

    Warner Bros.

    I realize that I'm probably late to this party, but hey, I don't claim to know everything! And now that I know, I felt the need to share this info with every single person on the planet. Starting with whoever reads this.

    So yeah. Mad Eye Moody is Bill Weasley's dad in real life. Get it? Got it? GOOD!!!!!

    Warner Bros.

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