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Holy Friggin' Canoli, Carrie Bradshaw's Real Name Is CAROLINE

Hold The Gosh (Laura) Dern Phone!

You guys know Carrie Bradshaw. The one from Sex And The City who thinks McDonalds has their liquor license.


Well hold onto your hats and suspenders cause guess what... HER REAL NAME IS CAROLINE (as you may have gleaned from the headline of this post).

Caroline Marie to be exact. Caroline Marie Bradshaw to be even more exact. I just learned this yesterday, thanks to this enlightening tweet:

Wait, Carrie Bradshaw's full name is Caroline?

Because I'm skeptical of things I see on the internet, I decided to research on my own. So I double checked wikipedia, where the info checked out.

And then I checked the Sex And The City wiki page, which gave me the same information, but on a pink background.

So, yeah. Carrie is actually ~Caroline.~


Which clearly changes everything.


Nothing is the same!!!


Carrie, I hardly knew ye.

  1. So yeah, did you know the truth about Carrie?

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So yeah, did you know the truth about Carrie?
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    I knew about Caroline the whole time.
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    I didn't know, how did I not know? I need some time to process, brb.