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Hilary Duff Was The Walking Queen Of 2014

Twas the year of Hilary Duff using her two legs to walk around. And she did it really well.

There isn't *really* a competition for the best walker of 2014, but if there was, Hilary Duff would win.

1. Presenting her majesty, the queen of walking.

2. One foot in front of the other queen!

3. QUEEN of tan leather jacket.

4. Queen of Cosby sweater.

5. Queen of top bun.

6. Queenie.

7. Qeeenay. Qu-hee-hee-hee-nay.

8. Queen.

9. Queen of the streets.

10. Disney queen.

11. Queen of the wave.

12. Queen of the over-the-shoulder smile.

13. Queen!

14. Queen!!!!

15. QUEEN!


17. Queen of hats!

18. Hi queen!

19. Her royal walkness.

20. Queen of coffee!

21. Overall queen.

22. Queen of crossing the street really quickly!

23. Queen of flared pants!

24. Queen of casual rock.

25. Shopping queen!

26. All hail the WQ. See you in 2015!