Here’s The Trailer For Mindy Kaling’s New Show "The Mindy Project"

Bill Hader and Ed Helms make appearances, there was a talking Barbie and she is told she is a “raper of peace and quiet.” So all in all, not too shabby! I’ll be watching.

TV Fanatic describes the series as:
The Mindy Project stars as Kaling as Mindy Lahiri, an OB/GYN who is successful at work, but less so at love. She adores romantic comedies and is on a constant quest for self-improvement.

This is Mindy in her new role as, well, Mindy:

And here’s the trailer:

Some stills from the trailer:

Bill Hader in “The Mindy Project”

Ed Helms in “The Mindy Project”

Barbie in “The Mindy Project”

We’ll miss you, Kelly Kapoor, but it looks like this will be a great replacement.

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