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    Here's Kendall Jenner Looking Flawless In The New Balmain X H&M Commercial


    The long awaited (by me) Balmain x H&M commercial slash mini movie thing is here, and damn. JUST DAMN.

    It's a futuristic subway, complete with Kendall Jenner watching some futuristic subway dancers.

    She doesn't even give them money; instead she's like, "Come on, ladies: NEXT CAR."

    Then she emerges.

    Looking fierce.

    And then she was like, "Show ’em how it's done, girls."

    Then she moves on to another car (hi, ever heard of not moving through the cars while the train is in motion??? I DIGRESS because I actually don't care). Now she's giving us wet hair mermaid chic.

    And then she starts to dance.

    And she's like, "Hehehehe."

    And before she leaves us gives us one last look to make sure we all die immediately.

    Here ’tis for your viewing pleasure:

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