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    Here's How Ariana Grande Sounded As A Teen On Broadway Six Years Ago

    "Brand New You" is the new/old hot song of 2014.

    Once upon a time in the abyss of the 2000s, Ariana Grande was in a Broadway show called 13. Here she is singing in that Broadway show (with other members of the cast). You'll know when Ariana is singing because they show her curly-haired teen self.

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    But if you don't have time for all those other peasant teens who don't currently have like 78 hit songs on the radio, here are some Ari highlights.

    Obviously this is *peak* teen Ariana.

    She's got, like, a flip phone of some kind.

    And she's hanging out with all of her teen friends.

    And even though she sang these words.

    We all know now.