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    Henry Cavill Breaking Up With Kaley Cuoco Is The End Of A Week-Long Nightmare

    Literally one week after their public debut, Henry and Kaley have broken up. *Sheds tears of joy*

    A long time ago (if you are a dog), Kaley Cuoco and Henry Cavill came out as a "couple" and it WAS THE WORST THING EVER.

    Fameflynet Pictures

    They held hands and it was gross.

    Premiere / FAMEFLYNET

    They went shopping together and it was AWFUL.

    Fameflynet Pictres

    She touched the small of his back and it was like, "Get off the small of his back NOW."

    Then she started eating his shoulder like a freaking cannibal or something.

    And she was just smooshed in there trying to bite off his beautiful muscles and you wanted to smash your head through a window.

    But then something wonderful happened:

    And faster then you could say spaghetti, "CUOCVILL" was OVER.

    And so, this glorious being was FREE ONCE AGAIN!

    Kenneth Cappello for GQ UK

    And this flawless form was released from his relationship ropes.


    And this perfect back was available for the taking.

    Fameflynet Pictures

    And this stunning chest–ab combo was free to do what it wanted.

    And there was HOPE!

    Getty Images

    Hope for humanity.

    Kenneth Cappello for GQ UK

    This butt was a prisoner to NO ONE ANYMORE!

    And now he can be mine. I mean OURS.