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    Updated on Sep 18, 2020. Posted on Sep 15, 2020

    Kendall Jener Has Finally Admitted To The World That She Is A Stoner, Baby

    HUGE news!!!!

    Happpyy 4/20 peopleee. JK, it's not 4/20 but every day is 4/20 when you're Kendall Jenner!! Cause she's a big ol' pothead!!!

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    While on Sibling Revelry, the podcast hosted by Kate Hudson and her brother Oliver, they asked Kendall (and Kourtney, who was also there) "if there was a stoner, who would it be?"

    And that's when Kendall spilled the beans and said, "I am a stoner! No one knows that, so that's the first time I've ever really said anything, but I don't care!"

    Kendall IRL^^^

    Yah of course you don't care, cause you're a chill stoner chick!!!!


    No clue if she was high during my favorite moment on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, but I sure hope so.

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