17 Absolutely Heartbreaking Pictures Of Celebrities In Quarantine During The Coronavirus Outbreak

    I'm tearing up.

    1. Arnold Schwarzenegger solemnly lounging in his private hot tub:

    2. Kourtney Kardashian managing to take things one day at a time in her huge-ass field:

    3. Joe Jonas managing the new reality by cracking open his humongous fridge:

    4. Ellen DeGeneres staying in good spirits in her private gym bigger than my apartment:

    5. Charlie Puth reminding us to stay indoors in his absolutely enormous kitchen:

    6. Lauren Conrad setting up a pillow fort nicer than any property I could ever hope to afford:

    7. Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez in their sad yard the size of a football field:

    Drake powering through the bad times with his private basketball court:

    .@Drake documents his quarantine experience for Instagram 🏀: “My life for the next however long”

    8. Nicole Richie persevering with her private garden and private eggs:

    9. Jennifer Aniston's poor, poor dog.

    10. Jimmy Fallon making the most of the bad situation with his indoor slide, like something out of Richie Rich:

    11. Soccer player Cesc Fàbregas in his balcony gym overlooking all of us with a smile:

    12. Perrie Edwards and her BF taking some time out of their day to dance up their kitchen stairs. You know, the stairs you have inside your kitchen:

    13. Ireland Baldwin smiling through these difficult times in her enormous backyard:

    14. Courteney Cox keeping on keepin' on next to her giant windows and the world's largest rug:

    15. Justin and Hailey Bieber somehow fighting through these difficult times in their warehouse-sized living room:

    16. Martha Stewart and literally every single copper pot and pan in the world:

    17. And, finally, Kylie Jenner inspiring us all that if she can do it? Well, we all can do it.