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    People Have Realized That The Little Girl From "The Haunting Of Bly Manor" Voices Peppa Pig And They Are ShOoOK


    If you've watched The Haunting of Bly Manor, then obvi you know Flora.

    She creepy!

    And like many others, perhaps you felt this strange sensation of "where do I know that voice from?"

    Then it hit you.

    why does flora from haunting of bly house sound like peppa pig

    But she doesn't just sound like Peppa Pig...she is Peppa Pig.

    Yes, the actor who plays Flora voices Peppa Pig.

    The perfectly splendid feeling when you find out Flora from Haunting of Bly Manor also does the voice of Peppa Pig:

    THE RANGE SHE HAS!!!!!!!!!!

    LOVE that Haunting of Bly Manor's Flora also voices Peppa Pig. You go Amelie Bea Smith! Diversify 👏 that portfolio 👏 early 👏

    It all makes sense!

    did someone say that flora from bly manor also voices peppa pig? i think i found a deleted scene

    Miss Amelie Bea Smith can do it all!

    Flora is Peppa Pig and it's perfectly splendid

    And that's your fun fact for the day. Bye!

    Do you like games? Fill your glass every time Flora says “perfectly splendid.” #BlyManorWatchParty