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    We Need To Talk About How Harry Styles Stole Anne Hathaway's Hat

    ...why is no one talking about this major scandal?

    Hi, everyone. I know that Harry Styles got a haircut and that's big news and blah blah blah. But more importantly, recently he was seen wearing this hat:

    Yes, this hat:

    Look familiar?????

    That's because it's clear that he STOLE IT from Anne Hathaway!!!

    That's right, Harry Styles most definitely snuck into Anne Hathaway's home to take one thing and one thing only: this hat.

    And prob a copy of The Devil Wears Prada because I'm sure Anne has a few!

    I mean, if you try to tell me that Anne Hathaway owns this hat...

    ...and Harry Styles ALSO owns this hat (and in no way stole it from Anne), then I'd say that's ridiculous. Because there's no way that it's just "coincidence."

    Word to the wise: Beware of your hats. We've got a hatburglar on the loose.