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Dec 10, 2017

22 People Who Deserve A Damn Nobel Prize


by ,

If you're always having trouble finding your remote, why not try...

1. A plank of wood:


2. A wooden spoon:

3. A tennis racket:

4. The bottom of some grody shoe:

5. Another remote:

6. A bottle of Tums:

7. A tiny green sponge:

8. A hockey stick:

9. A particularly old potato:

10. Pads:

11. A toy whale:

12. Another, slightly nicer (no offense) wooden spoon:

13. A lit'ral hammer:

14. Boondock Saints on DVD and/or Blu-ray:

15. A giant container of orange liquid:

16. A powerful medallion:

17. A red Solo cup:

18. A piece of siding:

19. A sauté pan:

Jeremiah Bumblebee

20. A big ol' brick:

21. The worst wooden spoon yet:

22. And, if all else fails, your arm:

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