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What Part Of Gigi Hadid's Apartment Design Gives You The Most Anxiety?

It's okay to not be okay.

Okay, so, Gigi Hadid just showed off her apartment, which she spent the last year decorating. And it's...something!!!!!!

But now I'd like to take a formal poll and see what object/thing in Gigi's apartment gives you the clammiest hands.

therapist: Gigi Hadid's interior design choices can't hurt you Gigi Hadid's interior design choices:

Our choices?

First, the giant pen.

It's interesting.

I can’t sleep I’m thinking about the giant pen in Gigi Hadid’s apartment

Up next...the wooden trough of pool balls in the kitchen.

It's...a choice!

Next? The cabinet displays of dyed pasta.

Yes, that's lime green penne and yellow/orange farfalle.

Maybe you have a fear of walls lined with magazines, in which case, the bathroom plastered with New Yorker magazines might be unsettling.

They don't look pee splash safe!!!

Orrrrr perhaps it is the extremely vintage salon chair.

Like idk, there may or may not be a ghost getting their hair done in that chair right now.

Suddenly, I love interior design. Thank you Gigi!!!