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    Posted on Jun 22, 2017

    Fuck It, I Love Gigi Hadid Singing Every Word To "Popular"

    Idk this is pure or something.

    So, maybe this morning you woke up and said to yourself "Gigi Hadid is just a model and probably doesn't know all the words to Wicked's 'Popular' and definitely won't sing it out loud in my lifetime."

    Rich Polk / Getty Images

    BUT GUESS WHAT, YOU'D BE WRONG. Cause turns out Gigi literally knows every word to "Popular" and sang it in this video.

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    Now you might be saying, okkkkkk Lauren, this video is literally a year old. And yeah, you'd be right. But guess what, I've been thinking about it nonstop for a year.

    And now, I want to talk about it. Because ya know what? I love it! Gigi fully commits to singing knowing full well that she's no Carly Rae Jepsen.

    Even when she knows she can't hit the note, she persists, and sings it anyway. And she doesn't hit the note, but I still loved it!

    She's really got that pizzaz that I look for in a model singing show tunes.

    So anyway, hope you've enjoyed this #TBT to Gigi singing "Popular." May it bring you joy and happiness. Amen!

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