Gigi Hadid And Her Unshaved Armpits Are My New Religion


    Hi and welcome to this post! If you're "grossed out" by women with armpit hair, then this post isn't for you! And also, that's a shame and you should look deep into your soul and ask yourself, "Why?"

    ANYHOO! Gigi Hadid did a video for Love magazine's advent calendar in which she is doing some kicking and stretching. Oh and also her armpits are not shaved.

    And lemme tell you, I love it!!! Obviously Gigi is far (very far) from the first person to show off the fact that she, as a living, breathing woman, has hair under her arms. BUT glad to see her going au naturel and owning it.

    I mean, she could have shaved and been like any other model who doesn't have an ounce of hair on their body except for their beautiful mane. But she didn't!

    And while this is actually what my armpits look like roughly seven minutes after shaving, and not unshaved for a specific amount of time in preparation for a photo shoot, still, now I know *exactly* what I'd look like in a red sports bra seven minutes after shaving my armpits!

    TBH I want to print this pic out and put it on my dorm room wall!


    Update: Some party pooper has spoken to TMZ and apparently this isn't pit hair at all, but..."JACKET RESIDUE." Honestly, if this is true, then I have a million questions, and one of them is "HOW COULD YOU PLAY ME LIKE THIS?!"

    Honestly, Gigi and team, you're better off just pretending it's armpit hair. I mean, I converted for this!