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For Everyone Who Recognizes That Bella Is The Best Hadid

Stay with me here.

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Ladies and gents, this is Bella Hadid.

She's the younger sister of Gigi, and the daughter of Yolanda (of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills fame).

And I'm here to tell you Bella is the best Hadid.

Sure, Gigi is a supermodel and yes, Yolanda grows lemons, but BELLA IS ACTUALLY PERFECT.

I'm talking serious gorgeousness.

She's like, ~moody~ and ~dark~...

But obviously also has a playful side.

She looks like a rockstar (or at least a rockstar's daughter) in a hat...

And she looks hot as fuck in #HERCALVINS.

Bella is like that cool person who is really cool and you're just like "damn, she's cool."

The sun follows her because she deserves to be shined down upon.

Even Lady Liberty is jealous of her perfection.

She literally always looks good.

Even when she's flying. She's such a fashionable jetsetter.

As the kids would say, her style is ON FLEEEEEEEK.

Also, she hangs out with Miley. And Miley is the shit. So by the rules of science, clearly Bella is also the shit.

In conclusion: Bella is the supreme Hadid. Never change.
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