For Everyone That Has A Serious Secret Love Affair With Cal From Timeflies

It’s a secret because he doesn’t know about it. Yet.

1. Hi, do you know Cal Shapiro? Because if you don’t, you should.

Cindy Ord / Getty Images

2. He’s the ~frontman~ of Timeflies and he’s basically perfect.

Don’t know Timeflies? Well here, listen to their song Start It Up Again. It’s good.

3. This is Cal and his stupidly adorable hair singing.

4. He’s really good at singing.

5. (That’s why he’s a singer of a cool music group, duh).

6. Watching him perform is a special experience that only you can truly understand.

Boston Globe / Boston Globe via Getty Images

7. This is him and his dog just being two beautiful things together.

8. And this is him and another dog being cute together.

9. It’s like the heavens open up when he poses with dogs.

10. Sometimes he looks at the camera and it makes the crease of your elbow sweat.

11. Actually all the time.

12. It’s just a steady flow of elbow crease sweat.

13. *wipes sweat out of elbow crease*

Cindy Ord / Getty Images

14. When he lays on pillows it’s like you want to be that pillow and/or be next to him on that pillow.

15. Even the vain in his neck is hot.

17. *knees shake*

19. Basically everything is good when Cal is on the screen and taking off his sunglasses.

20. There’s a lot of moody and steamy Cal in the video for their song “I Choose You.”

So obviously you should watch.

21. In conclusion: the love is strong and getting stronger everyday.

Michael Loccisano / Getty Images

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