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    These Fictional Characters Are Literally So Young, And This Whole Time I Thought They Were Way Older

    I'm OLD.

    1. Meredith Blake in The Parent Trap was 26. You're older than her!!


    2. Mia Wallace was around 24 in Pulp Fiction. You're older than her.


    3. Claire In Outlander is 26. You are older than her!!


    4. And you're older than Uncle Jesse was for the first four seasons of Full House. He was 24 in Season 1.


    5. All of the Friends characters in the first few seasons — yeah, you're older than them.

    NBCUniversal via Getty Images

    6. You're older than Jim in the first season of The Office, when he was 26...


    7. ...and Pam, who was 25.


    8. In the pilot of How I Met Your Mother, Robin was 25. You're older than her.


    9. Andy from The Devil Wears Prada was 23. You're older than her, and she's been to Paris!

    Fox 2000

    10. Julia Roberts' character was only 27 in My Best Friend's Wedding. You're older than her.


    11. And Cameron Diaz's character in My Best Friend's Wedding was only 20. TWENTY!!!!!!!!!! YOU'RE WAYYYY OLDER THAN HER!!


    What other TV or movie characters were shockingly young? Share below if you wish.

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