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    Everything You Need To Know About Anne Hathaway's New Instagram Account

    There's not much to know...yet...but...get ready.

    This is her pic/avatar/whatever you call your default photo:

    There are flowers (and an eye, hi eye)

    There's also Anne's face looking somewhere off camera.

    And her lips are doing this pouty thing.

    She also uploaded two parts of an ice bucket challenge, only one of which I will share here because this is, in my opinion, the more important one as 1) she says "Grazie Amore"

    ...and 2) As you might have noticed, she refers to herself as Annie.

    And so now, the only natural thing would be to do this:


    And that's what you need to know about Anne — I MEAN ANNIE'S — instagram account so far. Thank you and goodbye.

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