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    Everything We Know About Taylor Swift's Midriff

    The answers to your burning questions.

    Hi, greetings. This is a post about a very important thing: Taylor Swift's midriff. In the next few minutes we will explore the depths of the 'driff.

    First of all, the midriff enjoys being seen. That is obvious.

    And Taylor gives the midriff the satisfaction of being seen.

    The midriff is also loved by cats and has gotten very close to tiny white fluffy kittens.

    However the midriff hasn't always wanted to be exposed. For example, this picture taken in 2007 shows no midriff. At all.

    And in this example of a picture taken this year, the midriff barely makes its existence known to the world because it was still kind of shy and just wanted to peep out to say hi.

    Then there was this time, when it was just barely playing peek-a-boo with the world.

    Clearly it was urging to be seen, but it wasn't ready yet.

    That basically all changed when the 'driff made its big debut at the American Music Awards.


    Now the midriff is living in its glory days.

    It's life has never been better.

    It's tanned and toned and ready to live.

    And that's everything you need to know about the midriff du Taylor Swift. Next time we will examine her purse holding technique.