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    Everything That Happens When Zac Efron Goes Running In A Sweaty T-Shirt

    It's for a movie but that doesn't mean it's not happening right in front of your eyes.

    1. Your chest pounds and your heart races.

    2. You grasp onto a chair or table or whatever stable object is nearest to you.

    3. You yourself start sweating.

    4. You lose conciousness and go into a reduced state of being.

    5. While you are unconscious you dream of flowers and sunshine and warmth.

    6. You wake up from your Zacoma and your legs are numb.

    7. You try to stand but you can't walk.

    8. You attempt to regain your balance.

    9. You pray that this feeling ends because you have a life to live.

    10. You take back your prayer and accept that this is how you will live the rest of your life.

    11. Because nothing will ever be like this.

    12. Or this.

    13. Or these #coolsocks.