Based On Set Photos, It Looks Like "Ocean's Eight" Will Be The Greatest Movie In The History Of Movies

    See for yourself.

    Ocean's Eight is a reboot of Ocean's Eleven (hence the similar names) that is starring literally all your favs. I'm talking Cate Blanchett, Rihanna, Sandra Bullock, Mindy Kaling, Anne Hathaway, DID I SAY CATE BLANCHETT? (Plus more.)

    In reality I know literally nothing about this movie. I mean, I'm assuming there's a heist or something, but otherwise all I know about it that there are a billion pictures of everyone filming on set and IT'S ALL VERY IMPORTANT.

    First let's start off with this picture of Anne Hathaway maniacally laughing as she's holding a knife.

    OK, now that we've gotten that out of the way we can talk about more. Like this image of Cate Blanchett sitting on a bench with Rihanna. This is actually my dream plot of Carol 2.

    Then there's also Cate Blanchett with Sandra Bullock in a park. I imagine they are the number one and two of the eight because they look like the boss ladies.

    ...and also because of this power strut coming out of the subway.

    Speaking of subways, let's talk about whatever this subway scene is that's happening. It is bound to be the most iconic subway scene in history because apparently it includes Anne Hathaway leaning on Helena Bonham Carter:

    ...the two of them taking a selfie together:

    Sandra Bullock laughing at a blonde...


    And that picture of Anne Hathaway maniacally laughing while holding a knife again.

    Also Cate Blanchett was there. This picture has literally brought my fantasy missed connection to life.

    Additionally at some point in the movie Sandra Bullock will be power walking around NY in this white fur coat...

    Cate Blanchett will be wearing a green velvet suit...

    This happens:

    And there will be Sandra Bullock laughing while surrounded by bubbles...

    And then wearing a mask of Anne Hathaway over her own face.

    Basically, this movie is gonna be a masterpiece.

    I already love it.

    And have I mentioned Cate Blanchett?