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Every Important Detail About Freddie Prinze Jr.'s New Shirtless Physique

Hi, welcome back. We missed you.

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FPJ is shirtless for something in whatever he's in and IT'S REALLY INCREDIBLE.

Witches Of East End / Lifetime

First of all, his abs are in top-notch ab condition.

In particular, this one ab is just exuding fitness and tone.

His right pec has been crafted from pec-gods and is the perfect canvas for his right nipple.

The left pec curves and dips just as a pec should do.

The lower portion of his torso creates intricate and stunning lines.

And the vein on his right upper arm is just screaming "I'M STRONG AND BUFF AND READY TO LIVE FREE"

If you were a tiny person the size of an ant, you could crawl up and down through his mountainous left forearm and it would be like taking a drive through a picturesque hillside.

Have you ever seen such a well formed collar-bone area??????

And though grey is peeking through his hair, it doesn't matter...


He hasn't looked this good since Summer Catch in 2001.

But forget Summer Catch, this is the new and improved FPJ who loves to take his shirt off and we are thankful for that.

The End.

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