Martha Stewart Just Ripped Her Expensive Uber A New One

    Beware of Martha!!

    Here's a warning to all Uber drivers out there... your car better be spick and frickin' span or Martha Stewart is gonna publicly ream you on Instagram!!!!!!!!

    Here's the dealio...Martha Stewart took an Uber for the first time and was not pleased!!!

    First of all, she ordered the most expensive version. Which means the service better be good or else!!!

    I assume she got the Black SUV. Relatable! I also always get the most expensive version and never get the cheapest version or take the public city bus.

    Second of all, she had to call two Ubers to Fifth and 57th street, aka Tiffanys where she was, and to get into her car she had to walk halfway down the block. Tsk tsk.

    Third of all, when she finally got into her most expensive version of Uber, the dang driver went East when she wanted to go West and the ride took an hour!!!

    And fourth of all, the car was a gosh darn mess!!

    It was filled with leaves...from the street!!!!!

    It doesn't even look like the most expensive version of Uber!!!!

    Martha had on nice shoes though.

    In the end, Martha just wants Uber to succeed!!!

    So perhaps this is just some tough love and a lesson to all Ubers: don't fuck with Martha Stewart or she'll take pics of your dirty car and post them for everyone in the world to see!!!