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Emma Thompson Was Secretly But Not So Secretly The Best Part Of The Golden Globes

Everyone should be more like her at award shows.

First of all, this is how she gloriously arrived on the red carpet:

And even after doing a swift jog, she looked flawless.

But was still her Emma self.

She was a super cool mom and brought her daughter to the awards...

But she wasn't too cool to not try and slightly embarrass her:

And she got to hug Leonardo DiCaprio so, there's that. ( +100 pts)

Then, this is how she walked on stage to present an award:

Barefoot, and with a martini glass. It was wonderful.

Then she threw her shoes because she just doesn't give a damn, and made Kevin Bacon's daughter hold her drink:

Basically anytime the camera was on her, the night got 40X better.

And she was the only one lucky enough to whisper into Cate Blanchett's ear:

After the show she got her own bottle of Champagne because she deserved it...

And she was obviously the life of the party, doing dance moves with her arm like this:

And sitting there while everyone came to her.

Clearly, it was a great night for her and she was the highlight of the evening, and Meryl Streep would agree.