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Emma Roberts Spilled Her Coffee Like A Huge Klutz

This is so outrageous, someone get this girl a COFFEE HOLDER TRAY.

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It was a nice afternoon and Emma Roberts decided to go get a coffee. Why not right? Coffee is delicious, maybe she was tired. She even decided that she was going to pick some up for her lazy friends who can't seem to get their own coffee. So off Emma went, to the coffee shop.

"I'll have two medium iced coffees and one regular coffee please. With sweetner. No cream, i'll add it myself. Thanks!" Said Emma.

"Here you go!" Said the barista

All was going fine and dandy until she decided to stack her iced coffee. BIG MISTAKE. When has stacking cups of coffee ever ended well? It hasn't. People get burned. Anyway, so she stacks her coffee like a naive coffee stacker and of course, within moments, SPILLS HER ICED COFFEE. Then, to confuse us all and make us squirm with anxiety, she stacks the coffee she was previously holding in her right hand onto the hot coffee while she picks up her spilled coffee, that only spilled because it WAS STACKED. Please breathe now. You cannot reach into the computer and knock her other coffee over, just to teach her a lesson, I've already tried.

I'm not really sure how the story ends. Maybe Emma went to get a replacement coffee, maybe she went on her way and decided to screw over one of her friends waiting for their iced coffee. Either way it doesn't seem like she was so upset over the spilling because look at her smiling! The only thing I have left to say is..

Has she never heard of one of THESE!?!?

Photos: X17Online

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