Dustin Hoffman's Long And Intriguing History Of Hiding From The Paparazzi

    A true hero.

    A long, long time ago, before you were even born (if you are younger than 7) Dustin Hoffman saw something. He spotted people. Picture people. People taking pictures.

    And because of those picture people, Dustin Hoffman started a movement.

    That movement was that he would not let the paparazzi find him.

    And so he hid.

    And for the most part, his whereabouts remained unknown.

    Because he was impossible to see.

    Occasionally he would be spotted, showing off his new fancy halloween decorations.

    Or buying dozens of tabloids.

    Literally like hundreds.

    Or maybe just relaxing while getting a pedicure.

    But now, in January of 2015, Dustin's movement returns.

    He hides once again.

    Unable to be seen by any.

    A true human chameleon.

    A hero amongst us.