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    Don't Worry, Miley Is Not Trying To Date Harry Styles

    Lest we forget Miley is happily engaged to a guy much taller and buffer than the One Directioner.

    First Miley uploaded this pic of her in bed with a cardboard cut out of Harry:

    It's 2D, not a 1D! Ha ha ha, get it?

    Then the tweeters were all "STEP AWAY FROM HARRY!"

    Understandably many people were probably confused about what a cardboard cut out is. Turns out cardboard cut outs are NOT real, and just seem very lifelike. In fact cardboard cut outs are not actual humans and if you inspect them close enough you'll find they have no real emotions, opinions or organs. Based on these facts it's probable that Miley and Harry have absolutely no connection and he might be completely unaware that he was in her bed.

    Miley cleared the air.

    The cut out was all for Noah Cyrus, who turned 13 on monday and seems like the REAL person we should be worried about going after Harry.

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