19 Dogs You Need In 2013

You’ll need some help if you want to make 2013 the best year yet.

1. This dog that will help you cook stew

2. This cool dog who will deliver things to neighbors

3. This dog that will bake for you

4. This dog that will help that dog

5. And this dog who will help those two dogs (dogs love to bake)

6. This dog that will load the dishwasher

7. These dogs that will take your kids to school

8. This dog who will be your personal chef

9. And this puppy who will be his sous-chef

10. This dog that will help tidy up

11. And this one too (he’ll start in the bathroom)

12. This dog to do your taxes

13. This dog to wash your vegetables

14. This dog to steady your hand

15. This puppy to book your appointments

16. And this one to field your calls

17. This dog to help fold the laundry

18. This dog, to carry your other dog when it’s just too lazy to walk

19. And this puppy, just for cuteness all year long.

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