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Does Kevin Jonas Have A Sponsored Baby?

This baby was brought to Dreft?

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It all started when Kevin Jonas uploaded this photo, telling everyone to follow the brand Dreft for updates on his baby.

Dreft is some company that sells laundry deteregent it seems.

Then the Dreft instagram account uploaded this photo, complete with a #BabyJonas hashtag.

And they also tweeted, telling people to be patient, that baby Jonas can't be rushed.

FINALLY, SHE WAS EXITING THE WOMB and Dreft was there to let us know.

Then Dreft retweeted this tweet from Kevin Jonas:

And they were the first to congratulate Kevin and Danielle on their baby:

They also made sure everyone knew they'd be the first to share an actual photo of the baby:

Which they were. They uploaded this photo later that day (complete with Dreft watermark):

...and two days later, they were the first to share a photo of baby and dad, and they flat out said it was an ad.

In conclusion: Yes, Kevin Jonas has a sponsored baby.

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