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If You Don't Know More Than Half Of These Celebrities Walking The Red Carpet, Then I'm Sorry, But You're An Old Fart

This is the old fart test.

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1. That's BTS. They are a huge K-pop group.

2. Thats Noah Beck. Hes big on TikTok.

3.  That's Doja Cat. She is DOJA CAT. 

4. That's Addison Rae. She is a dancer/TikToker/actor. 

5. That's Chase Hudson, aka Lil' Huddy. He is on TikTok and trying to act now, I think. 

6. That's Chase Stokes. He actually is an actor and stars on Outer Banks

7. That's Jaden Hossler. He's a TikToker turned singer.

8. That's Jack Harlow. He's a rapper.

9. That's Bebe Rexa. She's a singer.

10. That's Bretman Rock. He is a beauty influencer.

11. That's The Kid Laroi. He's a singer.

12. That's Quen Blackwell. She's a TikToker/cool person.

13. That's Bad Bunny. He's a rapper/singer.

14. That's Larray. He's an influencer.

15. That's Dixie D'Amelio. She's Noah Beck's girlfriend and now a singer.

16. That's Olivia Rodrigo. She's a singer and her songs are very popular.

17. That's JoJo Siwa. She's a dancer/singer and LGBT hero.

18. That's Machine Gun Kelly.