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Posted on Oct 21, 2017

Do You Know How To Spell These Fancy Ass French Words That The English Language Stole?

Bonne chance!

  1. It's an egg that has other ingredients in it

  2. They are the person that drives you around in A Car

  3. It's the food served during cocktail hour

  4. Someone who Might own businesses or appear on "shark tank" As a self proclaimed *this*

  5. A threesome

  6. An Expert in wine

  7. A Type of Salad

  8. When you're like "Welp, that's life!"

  9. A person who is extremely knowledgable about a subject Like food, The arts, etc.

  10. when you make a blunder or do something not-cool

  11. Something indescribable that someone has, it's just ~there~

  12. It's pretty much just a bowl of dead flowers. But it smells nice!!!

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