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Disney Princesses In Order From Least Gay To Most Gay

Happy pride!

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As a gay woman, I've obviously spent long, tireless hours pondering about Disney princesses and my chances with them. Like, could Ariel ever be into me?? (Sadly prob not.) BUT MAYBE I HAVE A CHANCE WITH MULAN. Anyway, Disney is gay, get over it, and here's this list I made.

12. Ariel


On a scale of 1–gay: 0.5

Why: She gave up her literal vocal cords for a dude, which is a straight-person move...but maybe she's had a fleeting thought about experimenting with Ursula. Her sister Andrina, though? Definitely gay.


8. Rapunzel


On a scale of 1–gay: 4.5

Why: She's a hippie artist basically, and at one point in the movie she literally says, "I've got a person in my closet" while LOOKING IN THE MIRROR. Wonder what that means????


6. Pocahontas


On a scale of 1–gay: 5.5

Why: Pocahontas likes the D, it's just true. She can, however, paint with *ALL* the colors of the wind, which prob means she's hooked up with at least one girl before and frequently lies in bed at night thinking about it.

5. Merida


On a scale of 1–gay: 6

Why: She's a jock (archery is a sport!), she hates dresses, and she pulls a Carrie Bradshaw and wants to marry herself 'cause she doesn't like any of the dudes. Tbh, they all sucked, but still, she just needs a wife to settle down with!


In conclusion: Honestly, they are all on the spectrum because let's be real, everyone's a little bit gay. HAPPY PRIDE!!! Feel free to tell me how much you disagree in the comments. LOVE YOU BYE.