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    Diane Keaton Thought Reese Witherspoon's Son Was Leonardo DiCaprio, And It's Just So Funny To Me

    Why is this making me laugh so hard??

    Okay, so Diane Keaton shared this video to her Instagram:

    She captioned it "MALE BEAUTY!!!"

    Diane Keaton / Via Instagram: @diane_keaton

    It's basically a slideshow of attractive men, but it's better than that because Diane did a voiceover to go along with the video and she does commentary on each of the guys. The video includes Robert Pattinson and Zayn Malik...

    Diane Keaton / Via Instagram: @diane_keaton

    ...and also this guy, about whom Diane says "I don't know who this guy is, but how about that look? I'd go for it."

    A man with a handlebar mustache
    Diane Keaton / Via Instagram: @diane_keaton

    K DIANE!!!

    But let's rewind to the first guy. This man right here. Diane identifies him as Leonardo DiCaprio and says, "Leonardo DiCaprio, give me a break. I knew him when he was a kid."

    Diane Keaton / Via Instagram: @diane_keaton

    Good story, Diane! However, that's not Leonardo DiCaprio!!! As Reese Witherspoon pointed out in the comments...that's her son.

    Diane, the first one is my son! heart eyes emoji
    Diane Keaton / Via Instagram: @diane_keaton

    It's DEACON!!!!!!! NOT LEO!!!!!!!

    I need to know where the pic came from, and why Ms. Keaton thought it was Leo. WHO MISLED HER?? And thank god Reese Witherspoon took the time to watch Diane Keaton's Instagram video or we'd never know.

    Reese left a crying, laughing emoji in the comments
    Diane Keaton / Via Instagram: @diane_keaton

    Commentsbycelebs posted the interaction and Diane actually replied there. Apparently, it was an honest mistake. I believe her.

    Comments By Celebs / Via

    In concusion: I feel like celebrities on Instagram are a fever dream. I love it. That's all, bye!