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21 Times Gal Gadot And Chris Pine Made Your Heart Burst A Little

Not a couple, but a couple of cute pals.

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1. When Gal Called SpongeBob "Bob Sponge," and Chris had new material to tease with with:

2. When they talked on their tiny microphones...


4. When Gal said the word "bingo" because it's her new favorite word...

5. then Chris started using it too.

6. When Gal didn't get the joke.

7. And when Chris started the rumor that Gal was a caterer in the Israeli Army.

Actually, she was a fuckin' combat soldier.


8. When set life was apparently hilarious.

9. Like, super-duper funny.

10. When they did this little jig:

11. And these little points:


13. When Gal assisted Chris with his solo:

14. And Chris assisted Gal with some loose hair.

15. When they made it clear that they are pals:


16. When Gal called Lois Lane "Luis Lane," and Chris loved it.

17. Just as much as he loved when she said "Romans" instead of romantic.

18. When they kinda explained their complicated relationship:


20. And when there was some slight confusion over how to pronounce the word "geek"...