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Here Are All The Times In 2021 Lil Nas X Showed Up To The Red Carpet Looking 100% Flawless

He nailed it every time.

The world (yours truly) has spoken, and I declare Lil Nas X the king of the red carpet in 2021. The following is proof of why he deserves this title.

On May 27, he wore this baggy silver suit:

It was flawless.

On June 27, he wore this big dress, giving 1700s in France:

Très bien.

On June 27, he had an outfit change and also wore this embroidered floral suit:


On Sept. 12, he wore this purple drants (dress + pants) look:

It's fashun, baby!!

On Sept. 14, he wore this patchy tan suit + bedazzled shirt:

A fave.

On Nov. 1, he wore this skirt-and-jacket combo:


On Nov. 6, he wore this yellow Gucci suit with feathers:

Big Bird could never.

On Nov. 18, he wore this glitter suit:

Mamma mia!!! *Chef's kiss*

On Nov. 30, he wore this deconstructed astronaut outfit:

Truly incredible.

On Dec. 2, he wore this '70s-vibe attire:

The glasses! The jacket! Exquisite!

On Dec. 3, he wore this all-black ensemble:

It's the Matrix, but better.

On Dec. 4, he wore this all-white outfit:


On Dec. 5, he wore this '90s boy band 'fit:

Extremely good.

On Dec. 7, he wore this raver look:

I want that outfit.

And of course, we cannot forget Sept. 13, when we were blessed with three full looks. The royal robe:

It's majestic.

This fully gold armory:

C-3PO is shaking!!

And finally, this sparkly bodysuit:

In conclusion: Case closed! He did that!