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Dear World, Sandra Bullock Is So Much More Than Just "The Lady From 'Bird Box'"


Hi and welcome to this post. It's time to stop being polite, and starting getting real. Aka, I'm pissed and I won't stand for what I've witnessed today :).

To give you some info, Sandra Bullock is starring in a new Netflix movie called Bird Box. I haven't seen it yet but I know she wears a blindfold in it a lot of the time.

I am not here to tell you to watch the movie or that it's great or anything, like I said, I haven't even seen it!!!

But I did see this blasphemous tweet in which Sandra Bullock was referred to as "the lady from Bird Box."

The lady from bird box looks like MJ 😭

And then this person summed up my feelings in general about what I had just read:

How old am I that Sandra Bullock has become “the lady from bird box” 😂 https://t.co/4WtN5uUvu1

I'm sorry. The "lady from Bird Box," you say????????????? THAT'S SANDRA MOTHER FUCKIN' BULLOCK PEOPLE!!!

So now if I could, I'd like the youngins to sit down and listen the hell up. It's time for a history lesson!!!

Sandra Bullock isn't just "that lady from Bird Box." She is a literal Hollywood legend!!!!

Let me ask you this: Who played a cop that was secretly hot the whole time and almost won a beauty pageant while saving the lives of everyone around her? SHE DID.

And who not once, but twice played someone who just wanted to enjoy her life but ended up on public transportation that was rigged to go really, really fast and ultimately explode? SHE DID.

And who played the badass southern mom who took in a homeless black teen and showed that sometimes white people don't totally suck? SHE DID!!! SHE DID THAT!!

Not to mention she starred in one of the most underrated rom-coms of all time, The Proposal.

She made me wanna be a witch after watching Practical Magic.

And in Oceans 8 she proved that you can still be cool even if your name is Debbie.

Any questions so far? No? GREAT. Moving on.

Sandra or Sandy — as some of her best friends in the industry such as ahem, GEORGE CLOONEY, like to call her — is also basically dripping in accolades!

She is an Academy Award winner.

A Golden Globe winner.

A Critic's Choice Award winner.

A People's Choice Award winner.

And she has even won multiple Teen Choice Awards. Idk how she has room for all those surfboards.

Oh wait, I do. They are all probably in her giant house that she has because her networth is around 200 MILLION DOLLARS. I think that's more than some "lady from Bird Box" would have :).

Besides being a serious thespian...

She's also one of the greatest comediennes of our time.

Also, from 2001-2003 she dated Ryan Gosling. He was barely a thing then (despite his early acting years) so yes, I think it's fair to say she's responsible for his entire adult career.

To wrap this up: Sandra Bullock walked so that Jennifer Lawrence could run.

This queen is 54 years old and looks like she's never had a bad sleep in her life!!!

So please, never disparage the great Sandra Bullock again!!!!

This "lady" is an icon and will always be.

THANK YOU FOR LISTENING. I hope we all learned something here today.