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    Dear Laura Dern, Please Continue To Make TikToks With Your Daughter, We Need Them Now More Than Ever

    Give us more.

    I love Laura Dern. In fact, I put her on my 2020 vision board just because her aura inspires me.


    I'm keeping most of my vision board a mystery 'cause I'm shy!

    There she is <3.

    Me lol

    But this isn't about my vision board. It's just about Laura Dern being featured in her daughter Jaya Harper's TikToks, and me lovin' every second of it.

    Pre-quarantine — aka 17 years ago — we got our first one. Laura did the dance that goes along to "Say So" by Doja Cat. It was beautiful.

    But now that Jaya and Laura are in self-isolation and have a lot of time on their hands, we are getting more Tiktoks.

    And they are duh-liv-er-ang. This is that one dance trend that's usually done with like six people or something, but instead we just get Laura Dern over and over again.


    Because we are quarantined the only person I have to make this tik tok with is my mom. ##foryoupage ##foryou

    ♬ Something New feat. Ty Dolla $ign - Wiz Khalifa

    She kills it.

    And then there's this video, which I don't understand, but that doesn't stop me from loving it.

    Who even cares what they're doing...I just want more of it!!

    Sadly, there are only two TikToks that have been made thus far. But that's why I'm writing this post: to beg Laura Dern for more. KEEP 'EM COMING!!!!!!! The people need you!!!

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