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    21 Craigslist Ads That Have Nailed The Art Of Making A Sale

    Perfect listings.

    1. A FREE GHOST? Check, please!

    2. A rare antique Cheeto. Sold to me.

    3. $1,000 is a STEAL. I'll take it.

    4. Kevin Nancy Todd paper? Yes, please!

    5. DIBS.

    6. A free boat with some TP? Sign me up.

    7. A beautiful piece for my office.

    8. Cannot wait to find out where to find these.

    9. I don't even care if it's April 26, 2001. I'll take 'em.

    10. Take my money!

    11. The broken "paper mache" cow I've been searching for.

    12. Who do I make the check out to?

    13. Very excited for the few other things too.

    14. I've always dreamt of owning a beautiful mear.

    15. In desperate need of this one glove.

    16. My dad is gonna love this fishing chair. :)

    17. One of a kind. Sold — to me.

    18. Priceless IMHO.

    19. Purchasing immediately.

    20. Been saving my Krispy Kreme gift card for an opportunity like this.

    21. And finally, it was the photo that sealed the deal.

    H/t Best Of Craigslist