Countess LuAnn And Heather Thomson Answer Rapid-Fire Questions

The two stopped by BuzzFeed to answer a bunch of our random questions. Turns out they both love mushrooms on their pizza.

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Favorite New York hot spot?

Heather: Bond Street Sushi.
LuAnn: Boom Boom Room.

Favorite word?

Heather: “Yummy.”
LuAnn: Two words: “You know.”

Favorite vegetable?

Heather: Kale.
LuAnn: Broccoli.

Biggest pet peeve?

Heather: Lying.
LuAnn: Bad manners.

Favorite area of NYC?

Heather: West Village.
LuAnn: Riverside Park.

Favorite city other than New York?

Heather: London.
LuAnn: Chicago.

Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram?

Heather: Twitter and Instagram.
LuAnn: Twitter.

Beyoncé or Rihanna?

Heather: Beyoncé.
LuAnn: Rihanna.

Photo by Macey J. Foronda / Gif by David Bertozzi

Red wine or white wine?

Heather: Both, honey!
LuAnn: Red.

What’s the last album that you bought?

Heather: Oh, I just bought Coldplay’s album, I’m on a list to get it.
LuAnn: I’m a Pandora kind of girl, but I did get Carole King, Beautiful. You’ve got to see that show.

What’s your favorite type of flower?

Heather: Hydrangeas and gardenias.
LuAnn: I love gardenias.

Favorite website?

Heather: Yummielife.com! I work really hard to make it my favorite website.
LuAnn: Hmm, my favorite website—
Heather: Yummielife.com!

Do you still have a landline telephone in your house?

Heather: Yes.
LuAnn No.

What do you order when you go to a bar?

Heather: Vodka club soda with lime. Ciroc club soda with lime, let me rephrase, for Dr. Diddy.
LuAnn: White wine.

What is your favorite Housewives series to watch other than New York?

Both: Beverly Hills.

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Puppies or kittens?

Heather: Ohhh, how could you choose?
LuAnn: Puppies.

Have you ever been glamping?

Heather: Yes, actually!
LuAnn: Together! Oh, you’ll see that coming up.

When was the last time you rode the subway?

Heather: Day before yesterday. I ride it all the time.
LuAnn: Two weeks ago.

What’s your favorite subway line?

Both: The 1.
LuAnn: I ride the 1 down to Barry’s Bootcamp.

Favorite color?

Heather: I don’t have a favorite color! I like blues and purples and magentas. I like every color. Black I could say, but that’s boring.
LuAnn: White.

What’s your shoe size?

Heather: 8½.
LuAnn: 9.

Photo by Macey J. Foronda / Gif by David Bertozzi

Bacon or Nutella?

Heather: Bacon.
LuAnn: Bacon.

Who is the last person that texted you?

Heather: LuAnn!
LuAnn: Actually Jacque texted me, he broke his nose. He does tae kwon do. It’s pretty bad.

What time do you get up in the morning?

Heather: 6:30–7.
LuAnn: 7:30–8.

And go to bed?

Heather: around 11:30.
LuAnn: Midnight.

What drives you absolutely mad?

Heather: Lying. It’s so much easier to be honest.
LuAnn: Honking. That’s so annoying.

Favorite pizza topping?

Heather: Mushrooms.
LuAnn: Me too, I love mushrooms.

Coke or pepsi?

Heather: Neither.
LuAnn: Coke.

Favorite season?

Heather: All of the seasons! That’s why I live in New York.
LuAnn: No, I don’t. Fall.

Last movie you saw in a movie theater?

Heather: Frozen!
LuAnn: I saw The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Photo by Macey J. Foronda / Gif by David Bertozzi

Favorite Housewives original song?

Heather: “Money Can’t Buy You Class”! I mean, who can beat “Money Can’t Buy You Class”?? Any LuAnn de Lesseps song, she’s the only singing housewife for me.
LuAnn: The girl from New Jersey, Melissa Gorga. She’s not bad. If I have to pick one.

Who is the most famous person you have in your phone book?

Heather: Puff.
LuAnn: Mick Jagger.

Favorite curse word?

Heather: Fuck.
LuAnn: Merde. It means “shit” in French.

Favorite Housewives tagline other than your own?

Heather: I don’t know any other taglines besides ours. Whatever Vanderpump says. Hers.
LuAnn: Heather’s.

If you had to wife-swap with any other housewife from another show, which family would you want to swap with?

Heather: Oh, that is so easy, Lisa Vanderpump. Ken. I’d take Lisa’s life for a day. LuAnn: The husband of Kyle is pretty cute, but yeah, I’d prefer to live in a mansion with Ken.
Heather: We’re going to Ken and Lisa’s.
LuAnn: No, wait, I change my mind! David Foster! So Yolanda, and he’s got a lot of fancy friends.

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