Cody Simpson Is Being A Big Ol’ Justin Bieber Copycat

At least based off his Instagram. I actually quite like his music.

1. This is Justin Bieber. He is Justin Bieber.

Alexandre Meneghini, File / AP

2. This is Cody Simpson, he is trying to be Justin Bieber.

Bobby Bank / WireImage / Getty Images

3. It all started with the shaggy hair. But now it’s moved into instagram.

4. Bieber posted a half naked selfie…

6. Bieber showed off his headphones:

8. Bieber played guitar wearing a plaid shirt:

9. And would ya look at that…so did Cody!

10. Bieber posed with a weird accessory:

11. And Cody followed up with a cheese head.

12. The Biebs took a mega-filtered solo shot:

14. Justin snapped a glowing head shot:

15. Then Cody did the SAME!

16. Bieber posted his food…

Bieber’s meal.

17. Then CODY posted his food!

Cody’s meal.

18. Bieber put up a cute dog pic…

Justin Bieber’s instagram.

19. Then Cody put up a cute dog pic.

Cody Simpsons dog

20. Justin posted another illuminating head shot…

22. Bieber went all blue hue (ha! That rhymes):

23. So Cody went blue TOO (ha! Ryhmes again.)

24. In conclusion: Cody Simpson is instagramming his way to being Justin Bieber. The end.

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