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It Pains Me To Even Say This, But Yes People, Christina Ricci Played Wednesday Addams Back In The Day

A lesson in Pop Culture History 101.

If you've watched Wednesday on Netflix, then you know this show is really good. This is not an ad, I literally loved it and want everyone to watch it because it's cute and fun (my professional review).

And hopefully, if you watched, you immediately recognized Christina Ricci because she's 1) amazing and 2) playing a character in a world that helped make her famous.

AKA she once played Wednesday Addams in The Addams Family movies in the early 90s.

But it physically PAINS me to see that the youngins do not know this!!!!

i just found out that the redhead teacher in wednesday is literally played by christina ricci aka HER????!?

Netflix, COLLECTION CHRISTOPHEL © Orion Pictures / Paramount Pictures / Scott, Twitter: @solentsquared

And apparently some people in this world thought the red-headed teacher was just some random ol' actress. NOT A PREVIOUS WEDNESDAY HERSELF.

wait i just found out that christina ricci who plays the ginger normie teacher at nevermore is the same girl who played wednesday in the old movies omg

Twitter: @salmawysalma

I feel ancient.

Just finished #wednesdaynetflix and realised that Christina Ricci played the original Wednesday in 1993 🤯🤯

Netflix, COLLECTION CHRISTOPHEL © Orion Pictures / Paramount Pictures / Scott, Twitter: @gobshitechris

This is like when people didn't know who Sandra Bullock was when Bird Box came out, except maybe worse because the whole thing that's fun about Christina Ricci being in Wednesday is that she once played Wednesday herself!!!!

the woman who plays Ms. thornhill in ‘Wednesday’ on netflix played wednesday addams in the movies from the 1990s! i thought that was so cool

Twitter: @sarenaaluv

My body hurts. Because I'm old and mad!

When you realize Ms. Thornhill is also a Wednesday Addams

Twitter: @Whitegirlwavy

So yeah, people: This is Christina Ricci as Wednesday Addams back in the early '90s.

And this is Christina Ricci as Ms. Thornhill in the new Netflix series:

New Wednesday and old Wednesday (with Tim Burton in the middle):

And now we all know. GOODBYE!!!